Helsinki City-O weekend
3rd-5th of April 2020

“The biggest city orienteering event in Finland.”

Katso video

Weekend full of city orienteering

3rd of April, Stadiviesti

Fast and demanding sprint relay just like in the World Orienteering Championships. 

4th of April, Stadisprintti

Two demanding and urban sprint races in the heart of Helsinki. 

5th of April, Helsinki City-O

An unforgettable city orienteering in the heart of Helsinki. Challenge yourself and see the hidden pearls of the capital of Finland. 

Challenging urban environment

Helsinki City-O

5th of April 2020

How it works

  • Mass start at 10 am
  • 5km, 10km or 15km
  • Classess both for women and men
  • Time limit 3 h
  • First pick the controls without Y code (own plan)
  • After that last loop with Y codes 

How to entry

  • using IRMA service
  • 30 € before 31st of March 2020
  • 45€ late entry in the event center
  • categories for both men and women in every distance (5km, 10km and 15km)


4th of April 2020

How it works

  • 2 demanding sprint races
  • high quality courses
  • urban terrain (100%)
  • starts at 10.00 and 13.00

How to entry

  • Before 31st of March 2020
  • using IRMA-service 
  • one race 15€, two races 30€
  • categories M/W 14-80


3rd of April 2020

How it works

  • sprint relay, 4 legs
  • start time 18.00
  • 7-10 minutes courses
  • 4 categories: Men, Women, over 50 and Mix

How to entry

  • Before 31st of March 2020
  • 30€ / team
  • categories: Men, Women, Mix and over 50 years old
  • Mix relay: rules like in World Championship
  • Other categories: 2-4 runners, no limits for gender

Event center

"Experience the Helsinki with style"